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Jack Walsh

Experienced Technical Consultant covering web and software development roles

Job Title: Technical Consultant

Contact: 01603 415100

Sectors: IT and Digital, Executive and Senior

Jack moved to Norfolk from Liverpool in 2011, graduating with a Law degree and remained here ever since. Having spent the best part of 5 years working in the tech sector– from in store at Carphone and Samsung to Software Vendors and Managed Service Providers –  he has a well-rounded and broad technical knowledge. Jack covers a multitude of positions within the IT sector – opting to follow the agile relationship between “Dev” and “Ops” – sourcing individuals involved in one or more of Development, QA or Operations. His enthusiasm and interest in technology means he quickly understands a business or candidates’ requirements and can set to work finding a solution.

Outside of work, he’s a keen sportsman, playing Rugby for 18 years and has followed Liverpool for much the same time. He’s also a qualified advanced open water diver – although you won’t catch him in any UK Waters


Lewis, Colchester

Jack is very professional and an all round good guy. I wasn’t looking for a new role at the time but Jack very quickly showed me all of benefits of taking that next step on the career ladder, by breaking all of the info down into clear and concise chunks for me. He is great at listening to the requirements of his clients and gives sound advice where required. Jack went above and beyond to help me take this step and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in referring friends to use him in the future. Thank you for all of your help and I wish you the best of luck in your career!

Sebastian, Ipswich

Jack is more than a recruiter, he is someone who has a vested in his client’s success. He takes the time to learn what kind of a person you are, and only finds jobs suitable to you. He’s not one of those recruiters who throw you at every job available. Jack takes the time to find you the ideal job, and befriend you. You’ll never feel like a client with Jack, just a friend who wants you to excel at life, and to better yourself. He is truly a remarkable recruiter, and I’d highly recommend him. Without Jack, my career wouldn’t have been as successful as it has been.

Jack's Knowledge Base & Expertise

Front End Developer

Jack works with individuals skilled to various degrees in HTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript – who are experienced working across web and web applications – as well as e-commerce or portal systems, wireframing and working on UI and UX who can generally use a multitude of JavaScript frameworks and libraries and capable of cross browser / platform testing, unit, load and performance testing.

Focus tech – HTML+CSS, React, Angular, Node, Vue, Ionic, TypeScript, Babel and Next.js

Back End Developer

The heartbeat of a companies software, applications and website. Jack has a successful track record of working software engineering roles involving C#, Java, PHP. Scala, Python, Ruby, VB.NET – individuals will also be knowledgeable with a database such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis and be building applications or websites individually or as part of a team. Mid to senior level roles will also require elements of Azure or AWS experience.

Full Stack Developer

More and more in demand in the world of technology and software especially in a candidate short market. Jack works with developers who have the cross discipline and understanding of front and back end development – or jack of all trades. These are usually contractors with bag of experience behind them across multiple projects and sectors or mid to senior level developers.

Full Cycle Engineer/DevOps Engineer

Jack has worked with companies who’s systems and platforms are becoming more complex and distributed. Much like a full stack developer being skilled in front and back end development, full cycle engineers take on more operational responsibility and aim to work “full cycle” – typically Jack will work with developers who have some experience in testing and deployment as well as operating and supporting

Focus tech – Git, Jenkins, Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Nagios, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, AWS

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