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Reaching and Engaging Candidates

To reach and engage with current and potentially new candidates, we use a wide range of marketing channels. We use everything from social media to targeted email campaigns to help us maintain and build our network of quality candidates. Most of this engagement happens in the background - it's how i4 presents itself to candidates. As an honest, open and professional recruitment agency. It is also down to you as the consultant and contact point with candidates to maintain this reputation during all interactions with candidates.

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Targeting and Developing New Business

Building a desk with your own clients, relationships and businesses is a key part of how consultants at i4 work. We beleive in developing long term, productive and fruitful relationships with all our clients. As a consultant it is a big part of your responsibility to actively develop new business. In short this means part of your role is to be engaged with actively trying to bring on board new clients.

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