Client Outreach Campaign

Use the form below to submit details of your Client Outreach Campaign to the i4 marketing department.

Preferred Job Titles

These are the job titles of the people you'd be looking to place.

We require 5 to ensure we're covering all avenues.


  • Dave - CNC Machinists
  • Dale - Implementation Consultant

Preferred Contact

These are the people who you feel would be the best way into a company. The people you'd most like to start a conversation with.

Ideally these would be the people directly involved in hiring your "Preferred Job Titles" above.


These are the locations you'd like to target - i.e where the companies we'll hopefully be working with are based.

We require 3 to ensure we get the volume required to be successful. We'll start with Location 1 and work down the list once an area is exhausted.

Any more useful information. Subtleties in this particular job market that we should be aware of. i.e for this particular kind of job, is a different person involved in the hiring process? The more information you give here the better we'll be able to do.